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PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2010 1:02 am  Post subject:  The significance of recording children’s growth Reply with quoteBottom of PageBack to top

The significance of recording children’s growth and how to choose a proper camcorder to do it


Instead of taking photos, parents now like using DV or camcorders to shoot and record the growing experience of children. For this way is more intuitive, more real, more continuous, more excellent in voice and affection, that makes us prefer and be willing to accept. Here in this post I’d like to say something that I think meaningful while recording children’s each move, and following it will refer to how to choose a camcorder if you do not have one, but are prepared to memorize the grow-up of your baby.

In my opinion, there are three meaningful aspects to shoot the behaviors of kids, that is:

1. Enjoy the pleasure of life

To be new parents are the greatest happiness in life. We will have particularly interesting in all the things associated with our children, so be consciously or unconsciously, we’d like to record all of them happened in our babies’ formative years. On the one hand, in the recording process itself, we can get enjoyment;

On the other hand, when children grow up away from family to work independently, we can watch these footages to enjoy the pleasures of life as well.

2. The significance of sharing with family

Moreover, some families have both parents not in the same manner, so the growth of the baby is impossible to always be known for them, but they really want to see from time to time, in order to satisfy this desire, sending the recorded footages to them will be appreciated. In that case, everyone is brought to share the joy of kids’ growing up, as the children are around to enjoy the fun.

3. Unexpected significance of the important information

Apart from the above mentioned, have you ever thought of one day, in the near future, your kids may become a star, an Olympic champion, a legend, or whatever else. Once been famous, all kinds of media, agencies will be earnest to get various types of information about their childhood, including photos, videos, something interesting or meaningful, and so on. This time the recorded videos can definitely come in handy. Ah! This may be the most important significance.

Well, next, let’s talk about how to choose a proper DV or camcorder to memorize your children’s growth.

In general, the current digital camcorders can be divided into two categories: Standard-definition and high-definition camcorder. According to different storage media, these two broad categories can be subdivided into a number of sub-categories. They are listed as below:

SD camcorder:

1. DV Camera

Applicable recommendations for babies: DV camcorder is relatively more "professional", if you select DV camera, then means that to achieve better shooting results, Mom and Dad should learn professional DV capture and editing skills. Besides this, for tape is easy to erase, it will be too easy to destroy the baby's records. Now the choice of space for digital cameras is very broad, DV cameras are less convenient in operation; hence, I do not suggest parents choosing this one.

2. DVD Camcorder

Applicable recommendations for babies: If you will show your baby's style to grandparents, relatives and friends, none other than DVD Camcorder, because it can be played directly in your home DVD disc player. Think about it, how pleasing it is when you are freely sharing your baby's behaviors on your wide screen television. Therefore, I recommend the DVD camcorder.

3. Flash Memory Card Camcorder

Applicable recommendations for babies: If Mom or Dad is computer savvy, and like network, then no matter how the hard drive camcorder would be a nice choice. The recorded files can playback on PC in real time. If Mom and Dad still play video blog, then the hard disk drive camcorder can be the quickest way to show your baby's every move on the network. However, flash memory card cameras present very few species, and the storage capacity is limited, I do not recommend buying.

HD camcorder:

1. HDV Camcorder

Applicable recommendations for babies: like DV cameras, HDV Camcorders also need parents to master more professional ingesting and editing skills. Before the advent of the AVCHD camcorder, HDV camcorder is the only option of high-definition camcorder in the consumer market. But after AVCHD camcorder appears, inconvenience in the operation of HDV camera clearly exposed, so I do not recommend the average families of baby to have a HDV camera. The AVCHD camcorder in the same price may be much appropriated. Of course, if you have creative needs, is another matter.

2. AVCHD Camcorder

Applicable recommendations for babies: If you want to equip a high-definition camcorder for your baby, I believe that the hard disk AVCHD camcorder is the best option, above all, the exchange of data is very convenient, does not require parents to master video capture techniques. Furthermore, its shooting time is longer that a 40GB hard drive can record more than 10h for high-definition video. Moreover, if you want to enjoy a perfect high-definition video on you wide screen TV, AVCHD camcorder can provide the HDMI interface and high-definition component interface to achieve it.

All the recommendations for how to choosing a camcorder for your baby is ending up now, you can decide which one to opt based on your own opinions. By the way, some times you may meet troubles while importing files generated by AVCHD camcorders to your PC or some video editor, at this time you may need a video converter to deal with the odd .MTS or .M2TS files, here I recommend you Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter, because many users response that it can make audio and video match up very well, and besides this it provides a window to show you the estimated and generated file size as well as the time expenditure, so that we can manage our time and disk space properly while processing conversion. Hope all my information is helpful.

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