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PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:23 am  Post subject:  Returning to the Old Republic Reply with quoteBottom of PageBack to top

The Old Republic feels after I finally picked up my account SWTOR and jumped back in the game this weekend. After about five months of stop, I decided it was time, and the boy, I'm glad to be back! I'll be very honest here and tell you that I have never capped before I leave. I had a light case of alt - ite, and could not find the fair compilation that I felt super. I would like to play for a while, not be happy with the choices I had made, and start over with a new race or profession. This was wearing on me very quickly and I soon found myself dreading the nights I logged in the game. This is not good.So after a few relay with other games, I finally decided to address another angle SWTOR, which would ensure that I did not burn or frustrated. It is a concept foreign to me, as I find myself working so hard to do things the right way in a game that I often miss the whole point. So I decided that it was only one way to do: I know, I know, what a stupid idea. But stay with me on this point, and perhaps, if you left the game or be burned, it will also help you. Although I am not even close to being the expert on all things SWTOR, I learned a thing or two on the subject of fun.

Try not to take the game too seriously. If you are burned, try something new. Try a crazy construction which is really meaningless. Maybe you'll find something that works really for you and is a blast, or, if you're like me, you will realize that this was one of the more stupid things you could have done, you will have time for one of your earlier builds. Try it! I'm not a PvP player, and it is obvious to anyone who has come against me in PvP I have bit much just to lie down and draw a target on my chest. But maybe it's just the change of speed you need to get away from the game without as far away from the part. The idea here is to try something you are not familiar with, and that you should try to enter and enjoy, perhaps you find you your desire for PvE, typical story-based gameplay. It worked for me, and I urge you to give it a shot.

Play a few space missions. To be honest, I spent time in a manner more on them should I have when I played before. I really enjoyed these distractions from the game, and for me, I could not wait to reconnect and try again. I know they are not perfect, they have their defects, and there is so much that they would have done to make it even more impressive, but just jump in your boat and shoot things. This is the best game aside, I've never played, and it is certainly an effective way to get out of the routine.Same old last but not least, do the unthinkable and not far away for a while. Will take to the air, take the gardening, jogging, or flying a kite. Perhaps it is a game that you have picked up on the steam sale, but have been too busy to install actually. You can even go back to other MMO for nostalgia's sake.

Perhaps remind you why you you left them them in the first place, and return immediately to SWTOR happy as a kid who has yet to see a film with Jar Jar Binks in the moment.I said at the beginning that I am not an expert player of SWTOR. I've seen everything that there is to see, I haven't touched the level CAP, and it is so much I still need to learn. But with a regenerated spirit, a new attitude, and we hope that all a bunch of stick to it effectiveness, I'm going to travel the Galaxy looking for all games of major challenges and overcome them.

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