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PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:06 pm  Post subject:  How to Make Your Laptop Run More Efficiently? Reply with quoteBottom of PageBack to top

Laptop computers have become ideal alternatives to the traditional home computer because of their portability and ease of use. Over time, the laptop's fan, which cools the unit, becomes clogged with dust, causing the fan to run poorly or stop working all together, seriously damaging the computer.

1: Defragment your laptop on a regular basis at least once a week. Your computer breaks all of your files up into many pieces, and scatters them throughout your hard drive. What defragmenting does is take all these mixed and scattered pieces, and re-organizes them neatly into a space where they can be easily accessed more quickly

2: Get good virus protection. You need to run a good anti-virus program and spyware/adware program at least once a week, if not more. Many people do this every day at start-up. Most of these programs are able to run automatically on their own schedule without your assistance, which can save you a lot of time

3: Spray the fan in short bursts with a can of compressed air. Continue to spray until the dust is completely removed.

4: Close the laptop and flip it over. Remove the plastic cover over the fan by loosening the screws. The cover that must be unscrewed to expose the fan is generally close to the vent.

5: Get rid of unnecessary startup programs. Many programs want to start running as soon as you boot up your computer. Although these programs may not always be visible on your desktop, they’re still running in the background and sucking up your valuable RAM. This can significantly slow down the laptop as time goes by. Find out how to modify your "msconfig", and manually remove these programs from launching on startup. You won’t be removing them from your computer, just preventing them from running every time you start up your computer

6: Uninstall unused programs. Any programs that are not being used are just taking up space on your hard drive. Please note that deleting a program folder is not the same as uninstalling. Make sure to properly remove programs using the Uninstall function in your Control Panel. Otherwise, you could just end up creating more problems

7: Keep your laptop running cool. Avoid keeping your laptop directly on a soft surface such as your bed or couch. It needs to be able to breather freely and allow air to circulate. Otherwise, your processor might overheat, causing slow-downs, crashes and even physical damage to components.

8: Upgrade your RAM if necessary. If you have a tendency of having many large programs all opened at once, you may not have enough RAM on your system. Look into purchasing some new RAM. Prices are very reasonable, and it’s a cost-effective way to increase the speed and efficiency of your laptop.

9:Avoid eating, drinking or smoking when using your pc. Eating and drinking while browsing the net brings the risk of spillage. Moreover, smoking may result to residues inside the computer. This can cause damages to sensitive parts like keyboard and mouse.

10: If you need to install some software for convert video and audio etc, please choose professional software, such as mp4 to mp3 mac and mov to aiff etc from filesatoz.

Consequently, it`s very important to keep your computer in excellent condition to minimize basic issues from occurring. Here are a few ways which you can maintain the healthy condition and extend the life of your computer.

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